Organic and PAS111 certified Woodmulch is an excellent weed suppressant and moisture retainer. Graded to approx 40mm.


Bulk Bag £70+vat

Loose Tipper Loads  

  • 5 m³  £225+vat
  • 6 m³  £261+vat
  • 7 m³  £287+vat
  • 8 m³  £312+vat
  • 9 m³  £333+vat
  • 10 m³  £360+vat
  • 11 m³  £385+vat
  • 12 m³  £408+vat

For prices of more than 12m³ up to 30m³ please call.

Free delivery in area marked on map below. For prices outside free delivery zone please contact us.

Free Delivery Coverage Area

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