Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is low in soluble nitrogen so there is low risk of plant burn, the total nitrogen is present in such a form that it will be released over time as further decomposition takes place. It is excellent for mulching and soil conditioning.


Bulk Bag 0.7m³ £70 +vat
Bulk Bag 1m³ £80 +vat
Bulk Bag 1.2m³ £90 +vat

Loose Tipper Loads

  • 5 m³ £230 +vat
  • 6 m³ £270 +vat
  • 7 m³ £294 +vat
  • 8 m³ £328 +vat
  • 9 m³ £350 +vat
  • 10 m³ £380 +vat
  • 11 m³ £405 +vat
  • 12 m³ £438 +vat

For prices of more than 12m³ up to 35m³ please call.

Free delivery in area marked on map below. For prices outside free delivery zone please contact us.

Free Delivery Coverage Area

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